a silent place

I lay in the bed, now alone,

what we ever had, is now all gone,

the night is pacing away,

as you are racing away… 

I shut my eyes, now all wet,

miss those times, when we first met,

two strangers got on a ride,

knowing that they wont survive…

I count those days, now in the past,

when I was smiling, but that dint last,

cuz now you’re really far n far away,

and here on my bed, I silently lay…

35 thoughts on “a silent place

  1. Very vivid imagery combined with deep emotions. As a mother who has lost a son, this touches me in ways that are inexplicable.

    • I am sorry for your loss Karron!
      Loss of a family member or friend is a very hard time, one which leaves a scar for the rest of one’s life!

  2. this post was so wonderful for me. my husband is talking about leaving, and I think about being alone, your post was so poignant for me for this reason.
    Thank you.

    • Although I wish no one has to go through the pain of separation, but unluckily, that’s how life is!
      I wish you and your husband stay healthy and happy for a very long time..!

  3. Your poem touched me. It reminded me that although we are alone we are also very connected. I have had my share of separations and the poem reminded me to focus on the people I have and not those I don’t. A beautiful poem and clever in that although sad it leaves one feeling rather uplifted. : )

    • Thank you reading! And even I feel its imp to focus on the relations we still have, nourish them with all love, so that we keep no regrets later..!

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