~Colors of your Friendship~

For white, 
It was the belief
So pure and enchanting… 

For blue,
It was the relationship
Deeper than the deepest oceans… 

For green,
It was the blooming 
new era of happiness… 

For red,
It was the love
never ever ending… 

For grey,
It was the time
we had each other’s support… 

For maroon,
It was the deep sensation:
of each other’s presence… 

For black,
It was the curtain 
over each other’s mistakes… 

For orange,
It was the brightness
of the glorious sun… 

For silver,
It was the warm and smooth
coyness like the lazy moon… 

For violet,
It was the naughty things
we’d always done together… 

For brown,
It was your gossips and fantasies
that never came true… 

For yellow,
It was the freshness
like the newly reaped furrow… 

For hazel,
It was the nurturing of our emotions
ever so slow… 

For golden,
It was the mesmerizing
stolen commitments we’d made… 

For pale, 
It was the loud shouting
and soft compliments you’d gifted me… 

For each n every color of your friendship,
I’ll cherish the time I spent with you,
Love you and miss you…

# for neha.pathak – best friend – last seen in 5th grade


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