Clock reminds me I have to leave,

As four long years have just gone by,

Few days I found myself a bit low,

And on few days I took a high… 

I fell over and over again,

You tested me a lot,

But I never called it quits,

Even though I dint know the plot…

It brings me joyful memories,

I’ll miss the times I spent with you,

I wish you could hear me when I say,

This journey would be incomplete without you..

We’ll meet again for sure and soon,

Cuz I don’t believe in goodbyes,

Till then just remember my smile,

While I silently hide away my sighs…

# last day at NIT-Trichy

3 thoughts on “~final.departure~

  1. Good to see that you are still continuing to write blogs. Always looking forward to more of ur writeups 🙂

    Btw I had already read this one…Good one!

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