I regret I didn’t meet you earlier,

I regret I was not yours when I met you,

I regret I was touched by someone else,

before I was touched by you…

I regret I didn’t admit my love earlier,

I regret I tested you,

I regret I didn’t see the world from your eyes,

or see myself through you…

I regret that I acted stupid,

I regret that I hurt you,

I regret that I could never express myself enough,

especially when it was the faith I had in you…

I regret that all my life I waited for  someone special,

I regret that not easily I can have you,

I regret of having so many regrets,

but not that I’m telling them to you…

6 thoughts on “REGRETS

  1. Beautiful poem. Feels like one can easily relate to it.
    Though I would really like to know, what state of mind do you put yourself into while penning down such emotions?
    As in it seems very difficult to think of such feelings if you’re not already feeling them. One cannot possibly make these things up. You have to feel it before you say such things.

  2. nice thought…. dont look upon the whatever happened it is over ….will never come back again…. whatever u have now…. if its good or bad nothing matters….. try to make best out of it …. be happy always….:)

  3. nice poem sakshi….i agree with the first comment that it is really difficult to think of such feelings if you are not already feeling them, but whatever be the case here, this poem really manages to have the same influence….so hats off to you for that effort 🙂

  4. All the regrets in life got wiped away by the moment i met you.
    All the hardships seemed too less a price i paid to be with you.
    Prayed to the god I never believed in to help me get you.

    Every lesson that I learnt from life were to make me grasp yer worth.
    So that i won’t deny the truth.
    From the way our story sounds
    The world does seem round.

    Moved in converse paths, heart full of agony.
    Pushed way by fate, but brought together by destiny.

    You make me wanna spend a lifetime in wait
    coz I know that someday, everything is gonna be aiite.

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